Ginseng soup spices chicken soup
Preparation: one kilogram chicken wash and cut to lumps (rinse with boiling water for while),water 2.5 liter,ginseng soup spices 1 pack,red date 10 grains,goji wolfberry 20 grains,salt and glutamate

Cooking method: pour water into pot and 1 pack ginseng soup spices together with red dates and goji wolfberries  , when boiling, put chicken cook for an hour with medium temperature. caution:until the meat well cooking to soft add seasoning (if red dates and wolfberries fruit were added ,glutamate can waste).


Steamed chicken 

Preparation ingredients : chicken a whole (1.5kg +-,cut off the head and tail and internal organs,clean up for drying ),water 1000ml,ginseng soup spices 1 pack,red dates 10 grains ,goji wolfberries 10g,a little bulk wine of shaoxing ,2 pieces aluminum foil put in container,a little bulk of salt and glutamate.

Preparation method:  salt and wine apply to whole of chicken internal and external,pickle for an hour,keep back. Put the water into pot together with ginseng soup spices and red dates and goji wolfberries for boiling,keep back.(if red dates and goji wolfberries were added ,glutamate can waste).

Cooking method:  put chicken into container,then keep above of soup with ingredients pour into container,around of ingredients can stuff into internal and around of soup,cover of aluminum foil,put into steamer steam for 2 hours,ready to serve.




Ginseng soup spices for vegetarian
Preparation: Xian Su-G 1 pack (250g),ginseng soup spices 1 pack,water 2.5 liter,red date 10 grains ,goji wolfberry 20 grains,salt.

Cooking method: pour water into pot,put ginseng soup spices 1 pack together with red dates and goji wolfberries , when boiling, put chicken continue to cook for 40 minutes with medium temperature ,add vegetarian and salt cook for 20 minutes,ready to serve.